The title of this post may reveal a pompous attitude, which may be partially true, but my hope isn’t to boast in us but rather our inheritance that has been given in Christ.

As I am reading 1 Peter 1 this morning, I am struck by the joy of Christianity.  We have a God that none of us can see (see John 4:24), and yet we “believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible” (1 Peter 1:8).  The measure of joy we have when delighting in God is too great to be described with a human language.  Scripture implies that our joy is so great that angels want it.  That’s right, sinful, broken, utterly depraved human beings have something that spotless, seraphs and angels long to understand.  What could they possibly want that they don’t have access to?  After all, they live in heaven with God himself, right?

To angels, Jesus is Lord.  To sinful humanity, Jesus is Savior and Lord.  To angels, Jesus is Creator.  To sinful humanity, Jesus is Creator and Redeemer.  To angels, Jesus is the Son of God who takes away the sins of the world.  To sinful humanity, Jesus is the Son of God who takes away our sin and shame.

God decided that sin, the very thing that disqualifies us from being in God’s presence, is the only thing that qualifies us for the gospel.  You see, none of us have spent our natural born lives climbing toward heaven -we were sprinting on the highway to hell (see Rom. 3:9-18).  Instead of giving us what we wanted (sin), God chose to carry the cross of Calvary for you and I.  God shows his unquenchable love in that while we were just wretched sinners, Christ bled and died for us (see Rom. 5:8).

 Do you realize how fortunate you are? Angels would have given anything to be in on this! (1 Peter 1:12, MSG)

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  1. jenn

    Thanks for speaking the truth of the gospel so clearly. What an encouraging reality to rest in.


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