Worship pastors, leaders, and team members.  If you play even the slightest part in selecting songs, praying prayers, or leading the people of God in worship, please understand the weightiness of your role.  You are not there to entertain.  You are not there to put on a show.  You are not there to look and sound good.

You are there to lead the people of God to sing the praises of God (Psalm 145:21).
You are there to remind the saints of the gospel through song (Col. 3:16).

Believe it or not, you are giving people a vocabulary to praise God with.  You are giving struggling saints weapons in their battle with sin.  You are giving those grieving and mourning words that will act as a healing balm on their soul.  You are teaching new believers how to relate to God in prayer.  You are shaping the way people view God.

So don’t take what you do lightly.  Your work matters.

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  1. Karen Shaw

    Amen..this post is so true. God uses music in such a powerful way to reach even the hardest hearts. I know the music ministry is so important and It Does Matter. I pray for all of you on the music team daily. I personally am so blessed by the ministry of music you share with us. I have a passion for music and love singing praises to the Lord and worshiping Him..daily. God bless you.


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