So for those of you wondering which Kickstarter Reward Package I like best, you might be wrong.  It’s not the $2,500 reward package (although I wouldn’t be upset if you chose that one).  My favorite is the $75+ package.  Heres what it entails:

1. My Soul to Save EP in Digital Form (pre-released)
2. Love Has Come (the new full-length album) in Digital Form (pre-released)
3. A signed copy of Love Has Come mailed to your doorstep (pre-released)
4. A postcard thanking you for your Support in this God-sized project
5. Jason Waller t-shirt (you won’t have to sacrifice your swag to wear this bad boy)
6. Twitter Shout-Out (Holla at yo generous self!)
7. A Signed Limited Edition copy of My Soul to Save EP (only 100 in Print and  currently just 65 left).  It’s custom too.  Only one person in the world will have one like yours.  I bet you’ll be able to sell it on eBay for millions, but who would want to do that!

There’s less than three days for you to pledge, pre-order, & help make my first full-length album happen.  Click here to do so!


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