Hello friends and family!  You guys have been such an encouragement on my musical/life journey, and I want to do my best to keep you in the loop with some big things that could potentially happen with your help.

I am attempting to raise the needed funds to record my first full-length album.  I have recently recorded a three song record in my home studio which will be on iTunes April 9th.  This short album will hopefully give a taste of what I have to bring to the music industry and what is to come in my future musical endeavors.  If the needed funds are raised, they will be used to to record a full-length album with professional musicians, in a professional studio, with professional mixing and mastering.  To put it plainly, these funds will take this collection of songs from the studio to your stereo (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Physical CD’s, etc.).  We will be raising the appropriate funds through Kickstarter, a website that supports creative projects from independent artists like me.  I would greatly appreciate it if you took a couple minutes to visit the link below, and consider pledging to our project.  Keep in mind if our goal of $11,300 is not reached, I will receive nothing and no money will be taken from your bank account either.
Please be in prayer with me as I aim to glorify our God with these talents.  This is a huge task but I am expecting great things from God as I attempt to do great things for Him.  Thank you so much for your consideration.  Without you guys, there is no way this can happen so SPREAD the WORD!
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This link will explain the project a bit more and it is also where you can pledge money towards the recording of the full-length album:
As a way to say “thank you,” here is a link to my three song record you can listen to for free (not released until April 9th):


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