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“My Soul to Save” is a short three-song album that aims to highlight and “kickstart” what I have to offer you guys with my first full-length album that I hope to record this summer, “Love Has Come“.  Here’s a quick break-down of each song:

Track 1 “Righteous Deeds”

“Righteous Deeds” confronts the judgmental mentality that creeps into our hearts so easily today in the church.  The reality is that even the “best” people in life never get over God’s grace.  God never intended for us to grow out of grace but rather to grow deeper in his grace that was ultimately shown to us in the gospel -Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

Track 2 “Consumed (Psalm 103)”

A direct singing of and responding to Psalm 103.  This song takes a look at who God is and what he has done to bring us into relationship with him through Jesus.  How can we not respond with humble joy?  The chorus rings, “We lift one voice to the God who makes us sing.  Bless the Lord for he has healed our disease.  Lift his name; bring him praise, for he has died to set us free.  We are consumed by the goodness of our King.”

Track 3 “My Soul To Save”

My Soul to Save highlights how God uses the cross of Christ as his instrument for salvation.  While this song celebrates the gospel and God’s sovereignty in our salvation, it also demands a response from us -redeemed people live on mission with God.  Period.  We often ask what God’s will is for our life rather than asking God what his desires are?  What does he want in this life?  He wants to bring glory to himself by changing lives through the gospel, and he wants to do so through us!  As a church we forget our purpose far too often -at least I do!

You can get the short album on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, and other digital distributers starting April 9th.  You can also get the digital copy of this short album with any pledge of $5+ If you want to support my upcoming full-length album “Love Has Come” (go here to do so).  Since the primary purpose of this short album is to promote my first professionally recorded full-length album, I decided not to make physical copies of it for sale.  In fact, there will only be 100 copies in print.  To get the limited edition physical copy of “My Soul to Save EP,” go to my Kickstarter page (funding period ends April 20th, so hurry!).  Your personalized album will look something like this:

MSTS Example


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