I set out to write and convey the entire Biblical Metanarrative, tracing the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation showing Christ as the center. I feel like Christians often miss the “whole story” of the gospel, and we all, myself included, easily forget the good news of the gospel.  Out of a desire to preach the gospel to myself, my church, and anyone else who will listen, I attempted to convey the whole story artfully through a “spoken word.”  May God be praised and may our joy be ever increasing in Him alone!

Jason Waller
“The Whole Story”

When the earth was void and without form
There was no space or time
There was nothing created simply the Trinity
and when I say simply, I mean God, simply the glorious mystery
One God in three persons in blessed unity
Father, Son, and Spirit living in perfect harmony

Out of the overflow of love, not out of any need
God spoke and gave life to all our eyes can see
Sun, moon, stars, and every galaxy
Mountains, trees, and rivers, all beauty we perceive
Tigers, birds, humpback whales, and honey bees
He spoke, and then it was, God shined forth His glory

But the crown of his creation was not apes, gazelles, or jaguars
Not Everest or the Grand Canyon -as good as these things are
No, God made man in his own image he created
Male and female to talk and walk with God the definition of blessed

But we rebelled when man bit the forbidden fruit and fell further than we can comprehend
In case you missed the memo, the Bible says all have sinned

Death is now our penalty, We turned God into our enemy
condemned for all eternity, we chose this, this is what we asked for don’t you see
No app can hack our life to save us -nothing in our grip could provide the saving answer
This sickness can’t be cured by man, though we all try to escape our sin-cancer

Now what could be left but hopeless pleas and cries?
So, “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die”
No. The Sovereign King did not leave us in our deserved plight
He stooped down to speak when in his perfect justice He could have chosen to smite

He made us a vow with his word on that terribly dark night
“I will send the Promised King, the Warrior who will fight”
He will crush the serpent’s head, take your punishment for sin
He will become a curse to remove your curse, trust me, this war is mine to win”

Now as time travelled on, God’s promises grew faint
In no time the human race would rather move on than trust and wait
So we kept on sinning just like we did in the beginning
If worship were like our arrows then self is the target at which we’re aiming

But after 400 years, a Sound broke the silence
The Word became flesh and Light pierced through the darkness
Could it be true, the Infinite wrapped himself in human frailty?
The Omnipotent Creator set aside his glory to be born as a helpless baby

This is too marvelous, too wonderful, this news is far too good
That the same God who hung the stars moved into our neighborhood
This Coming King theologians call it “the Hypostatic Union”
That is, Christ is fully God yet fully Man in one Person

“You shall call his name Jesus for he will save his people from their sin”
Not might, not maybe, not probably, He will, He will, He will win
Promise became reality as marry held the eight pound Savior
Nothing would be the same, this changes everything forever

Now this Jesus walked and talked and worked. He played and scraped his knees
He laughed, he cried, squinted at the sun, this same God who breathed out galaxies
He lived in full obedience to God, the life we should’ve lived
He was reviled but did not lash out.  We would selfishly take yet He would freely give

He came to wash our feet but we nailed his to a tree
Now his life, we didn’t take it, but he freely gave it, Jesus is the Loving King
For the Father made Him who knew no sin to become sin in our place
That we might be His Righteousness, through our murder he offered grace

The entirety of our sin debt was paid when the sinless Son of God was slain
So quit your striving and trying to earn salvation, simply call upon his Name
On that cross Christ breathed his last, “It is finished!” was His cry
And it was at that moment that The God-man, Jesus, gave up his spirit and died

And when I say “died” He really died
His follower’s scattered, Darkness filled the skies
The fire that once burned bright had dimmed as Jesus’ cold body was carried
They put him in a borrowed tomb, the Son of God was buried

Has the curse been lifted?  Who could really say?
Are you sure Jesus wasn’t just a man? I mean, he’s lying dead in a grave
Bricks of doubt upon doubt must have continually been laid
Hopelessness ensued all the more in those long long days

On the third morning, Mary Magdalene wept bitter tears
Her doubts confirmed as she gazed at the empty tomb, she was paralyzed with fear
“Who are you seeking?” Asked the voice behind her, a gardener, Mary had suspected
“If you moved His body just tell me where” but the man’s response was totally unexpected

“Mary” said the familiar voice. She couldn’t believe her ears
The same voice that calmed the storms melted Mary’s fear
“Teacher!” she exclaimed. Beaming, bouncing, bounding, she left the scene to proclaim
“He’s risen from the grave, I tell you, He’s risen!  My eyes have seen the King!”

Oh and this King has risen. He has ascended to his heavenly throne
Death is being reversed.  Drained is the power of the curse
The long promised King actually came
He lived, he loved, he died, he rose, he ascended, he rules and reigns.

But that’s not the end.  He will come again

The Lion of the tribe of Judah will roar, he will come riding through the skies
With “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords” written down his thighs

He will gather his scattered people from the far corners of every tribe and nation
And around his throne we will lift one voice singing “Worthy is the King of creation!
May the Lamb who was slain receive blessing, and honor, and glory, and power
For Yours is the Kingdom forever and ever and ever!”


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  1. Karen Shaw

    ANEN!!! Praise The Lord!! The Whole story beautifully spoken and truly inspired by God empowered by the Holy Spirit and I am so in awe of how God had His plan perfectly planned out from the beginning…all for us, to save us. So moved by this at church today. It was explained in a simple but powerful way. I pray that hearts were open to this message of salvation that heard it and they will give their hearts to Jesus and stop fighting Him.


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